Daz3D Room Creator

NSware - RoomCreator (0.4.5)

Version 0.4.5
-Changed Edges of the Wall
-Changed Texcoords over Window
-Changed Doorhandles Position
-Addet Config file for Walls/Windows and doors

Daz3D Manager Tool


NSware - Daz3D Manager Tool (0.6) 64Bit

-Install Mass of Zip/Rar/7zip files
-Convert Textures to smaller Resolution
-Manage your Morphs to Speed up loading times
-Uninstall Installed Content

Backup your Config.ini befur run the Program

Version 0.5.3
-Speed up Pathrenamer
-Create Tags by import
-Add Tags to installer selection (For easier Content-selection)
-Check is Content Installed befor importing (By Ignore Installed)
-Speed up Deactivate/Activate Morphs

Daz3D Content Downloader(Jdownloader 2 version)


NSware - Daz3D Content Downloader 0.9.2

**need Jdownloader 2**
Version 0.9.2
-Fixed some bugs